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Make your Art No Matter What

Moving Beyond Creative Hurdles

Pickens, Beth
Book, 2021


You Are A Badass

Sincero, Jen
Book, 2017

158.1 SINCERO 2018

You Are A Badass

How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life

Sincero, Jen
eBook, 2013

eBook OverDrive

You Are A Badass at Making Money

Master the Mindset of Wealth

Sincero, Jen
Book, 2017

332.024 SINCERO

You Are A Badass at Making Money

Master the Mindset of Wealth

Sincero, Jen
eBook, 2017

eBook OverDrive

Tired as F*ck

Burnout at the Hands of Diet, Self-help, and Hustle Culture

Dooner, Caroline
Book, 2022

158.7 DOONER


Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim your Whole, Authentic Self

Bryant-Davis, Thema
Book, 2022


Happy Days

The Guided Path From Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace

Bernstein, Gabrielle
Book, 2022

616.8521 BERNSTEIN

Embrace Aging

Conquer your Fears and Enjoy Added Years

Guerrasio, Jeannette
Book, 2022



The Inner Path to Wealth

Chopra, Deepak
Book, 2022

204.36 CHOPRA

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Smith, Julie
Book, 2022


How to Do the Work

Recognize your Patterns, Heal From your Past, and Create your Self

LePera, Nicole
Book, 2021

158.1 LEPERA

Detox your Thoughts

Quit Negative Self-talk for Good and Discover the Life You've Always Wanted

Bonior, Andrea
Book, 2020

158.1 BONIOR

A Liberated Mind

How to Pivot Toward What Matters

Hayes, Steven C.
Book, 2019

158.1 HAYES

Radical Compassion

Learning to Love Yourself and your World With the Practice of RAIN

Brach, Tara
Book, 2019

158.1 BRACH

Own the Day, Own your Life

Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex

Marcus, Aubrey
Book, 2018


Actitud positiva

¡Y a las pruebas me remito!, los estudios científicos lo demuestran: la mejor solución a tus problemas es mantener una buena actitud ante la vida

Lozano, César
Book, 2017


Get your Sh*t Together

How to Stop Worrying About What You Should Do So You Can Finish What You Need to Do and Start Doing What You Want to Do

Knight, Sarah
Book, 2016

158.1 KNIGHT

The Purpose Principles

How to Draw More Meaning Into your Life

Ducey, Jake
Book, 2015

158.1 DUCEY


The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Whyte, David
Book, 2015

158.1 WHYTE

F*ck Feelings

One Shrink's Practical Advice for Managing All Life's Impossible Problems

Bennett, Michael
Book, 2015


Emotional First Aid

Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guilt, and Other Everyday Psychological Injuries

Winch, Guy
Book, 2013

158.1 WINCH

Women, Food and God

An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Roth, Geneen
Audiobook CD, 2010

CDT 616.852 ROTH

Take the Time

Mindfulness for Kids

Roegiers, Maud
Book, 2010


The Art of Extreme Self-care

Transform your Life One Month at A Time

Richardson, Cheryl
Book, 2009


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