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Oct 25, 2016TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The Unexpected Everything is a 2016 contemporary novel by Morgan Matson. It includes a message of spontaneity being necessary for life, taking a chance on love and how we must let go of the past, all told through Andie’s very different summer. Andie is a very empathetic, multidimensional and intriguing character who has similarities to many. She has been one of the best main characters, imperfect but authentic, that I have read recently. Her narration is modern and sincere, while still well-written and not standardly predictable. I appreciated especially the presentation of friendships and family. It was wonderful to find a story that was not clichéd. It portrayed a unique family situation without expected plotpoints. Friends were close and supportive, mirroring reality so much more than the “mean girls” that always seem included in young adult books. I also thought the romance was sweet without being fantastically unrealistic. The scavenger hunts, dog-walking and Clark’s novel were all creative contributions. Very few critiques can be made of this. Though it was a longer story, it did not “drag” and closed the summer theme perfectly. Having read several other enjoyable novels by this author, I find The Unexpected Everything to be among, if not the best, she has written. Rating: 5/5 Stars @BellaReads of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library I relate to this book so much it is almost unbelievable. Okay, maybe I relate to Andie more directly but that is only partially the point. We are both organized and over-ahead planners. We both like plans and having control, even though many say control is only a psychological image. But I wish I could meet a "Clark." I got very frustrated at her though, at the end of the book when she does some stuff. Honestly I understand because I would probably do that, but it was too emotionally painful to read. I almost gave myself a ten minute break from the book because of those chapters. But yeah, read this! It's a great summer novel about finding things in the unexpected, hence the title. 5/5 stars @Siri of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library