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May 14, 2021ericaimann rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This book put life in perspective for me. Too often, I find myself not putting myself in other peoples shoes. This story is not a linear plot, climax and ending. This story speaks on each individual and their own Vanishing Half. It's not only about the twins, Desiree and Stella. This book dives deep into trans lives, black lives, the lives of families in poverty and the lives of the rich. Each chapter provides a deeper meaning to the title. At times it was hard to see past the lack of a storyline, but the mystery of where Stella was was worth every second. This book made me hyperaware of the people around me and all the stories untold. We are not only what one sees on the outside. This book finds the beauty of being alive with our traumas and we all, very differently, process and live with them. A work of art.