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Feb 02, 2021CL_kcls rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
'28 Summers' seems to have elicited strong emotions in reviewers here and elsewhere. I didn't love '28 Summers' nor did I hate it. I simply don't understand why some view everything in the lens of their own era or their own biases. It's fiction. I think the travel through time is wonderful, despite not 'getting' some of the references of each year. The 90's were parenting years for me. '28 Summers' makes it abundantly clear it is moving 28 years back from 2020. Those years reflect the country and the nature of the culture of their time. Would I have made the choices Mallory made? Nope. But, again, it's fiction. I judge the writing and interest it elicits, not the motivation and behavior of fictional characters. I despise when authors insert political views in their books. However, I don't believe Elin Hilderbrand inserted hers so much as reflected what was happening in the country when she brought it in regarding the supreme court nominee and gun issues. Again, they reflected the references to real things that actually captured the country in those years. I alternately liked and felt sad for each character. They are all quite human. But they are also interesting in their flaws. Once again, Hilderbrand has written a love letter to her beloved Nantucket, with it's descriptions of the beaches, the food, the small town making us wish for the smell of salt air and feel gentle breezes warm our shoulders.