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Oct 06, 2020BARosen1112 rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
Used bookstore proprietor/half-owner Malcolm wrote a blog entry on his bookstore's web page some years back listing eight "perfect" fictional murders. Someone is using Malcolm's long-forgotten list as a blueprint for his own murders, and Malcolm has been enlisted by an attractive young female (is there any other kind?) FBI agent with a personal stake in the outcome to help her unravel the mystery of which of Malcolm's blog readers is the murderer. Not a bad basis for an interesting mystery, but Peter Swanson's novel falls inexplicably flat. The lead character/narrator isn't that interesting, and the most interesting character - the FBI agent - disappears in the second half. The ending - particularly whodunit - is a surprise, but that's more because it's so out of left field than careful plotting. Not a fan.