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weeksworld made a comment Apr 14 2021


DVD - 1998?
"The movie David Lynch made after making "The Elephant Man". Lynch had to put his stamp on it (but still claimed to not be given enough license to put MORE) so you'll see lots of dark, dreary scenes with grotesque images and cyberpunk me..." Permalink
weeksworld made a comment Apr 10 2021

Alice in Wonderland

DVD - 2010
"This is a classic and not just a Disney classic (but still one of their best ... made when Disney made the best animations in the world). Disney was prone to anthropomorphicising their animals too much and turning everything into a zany musical b..." Permalink
weeksworld made a comment Apr 01 2021
"Great production with an all-star cast. Most of the actors were late in their careers so they are all here to show the younger ones how acting is done. What's more, the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat ... and not just to find the next cl..." Permalink
weeksworld made a comment Mar 25 2021


DVD - 2013
"Frankenheimer always makes great films ("The Manchurian Candidate", "Grand Prix", "Seven Days in May", "Birdman of Alcratraz"). He just needed to make more. This is actually a short film about a middle-age..." Permalink
weeksworld made a comment Mar 24 2021


DVD - 2004
"One of several great films by Fritz Lang before he left for Hollywood. An entire community is stopped cold in it's tracks from a series of child abductions and murders by an insane pedophile (played by Peter Lorre who always seems to play creeps)..." Permalink
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