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smarjano made a comment Feb 05 2021


DVD - 2019
"Luc Besson returns to his favourite themes from "Nikita", but with the body count increased manyfold. Sasha Luss is a worthy successor to the unforgettable Anne Parillaud (is the title a tribute?), the action is entertaining enough and t..." Permalink
smarjano made a comment Jan 16 2021
"Esta novela está muy bien escrita, pero no es para los gustos de todos. Los crímenes son horribles y la moralidad de la historia es dudosa, tal vez con la intención del autor. Inspirado por "Los Miserables" de Victor Hugo, el protagonist..." Permalink
smarjano made a comment Jan 08 2021
"Do not read the summary, either in the library catalogue or on the book cover! As usual, they reveal too much of the plot. This is an excellent mystery and science fiction novel from one of the best stylists in the second of these genres. The acti..." Permalink
smarjano made a comment Dec 26 2020

Marjorie Prime

DVD - 2017
""Do you have emotions?" asks one character of the holographic image of another. The trouble is that it might just as well be asked of the living characters in the movie. The conversations with the holograms do not produce any visible cha..." Permalink
smarjano made a comment Dec 02 2020

The Song of Names

DVD - 2020
"*** SPOILER ALERT *** Excellent comment by "maipenrai", but disagree about "the last two sentences". The confession by Helen to Martin about the fling with David does not make sense. Helen was not the type of girl to have a qui..." Permalink
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