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IndyPL_LindsayH made a comment Apr 14 2021
"Gifty is a woman with a purpose. She wants to find the cure for addiction and works tirelessly day and night to research it. Her brother succumbed to his addictions when he was a teenager and his death changed her family forever. Her mother falls ..." Permalink
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Bow Wow!!

"This list contains picture books that feature dogs. #indyplkids"
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Great Books for a More Interactive Storytime

"Here are some books that you can use to create a more interactive storytime. Whether the book is asking a direct question or the book allows you to add movement as you read, these are some great titles worth checking out. #indyplkids"
IndyPL_LindsayH made a comment Apr 01 2021
"Pip is just a normal pig and has a normal life, until one day a new pig enters her school. This pig singles Pip out as the odd ball. She starts to feel like she isn`t a normal pig after all, but when she visits the big city she realizes being diff..." Permalink
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