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IndyPL_CarriG made a comment Jun 20 2019
"I love mysteries with an unreliable narrator - that's exactly what Mimi Macy is. An elegant middle-aged woman with a love for beautiful, vintage things who is always trying to keep herself from thinking of disturbing things in her recent past. Hey..." Permalink
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Queer Science Fiction

"These books feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes in new and interesting times and locations, sometimes with aliens. #indypladults #indyplteens lgbtq lgbt"
IndyPL_CarriG liked a list Jun 11 2019
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To Boldly Go- Space Operas

"Look to the stars! Explore new worlds of Epic Science Fiction. #indypladults"
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If you love Parks and Recreation...

"Do you find yourself thinking of Parks and Rec quotes/moments with every other thing you do every day? Is Leslie and Ben your OTP? Is it a dream of yours to receive acknowledgement from Ron Swanson? Do you imagine Chris telling you that you are &q..."
IndyPL_CarriG made a comment Jun 10 2019
"The second entry, in my reading order, of the excellent Vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold - again starring Cordelia Naismith (now Vorkosigan) as the protagonist. Even if you don't read Shards of Honor before starting the Miles Vorkosigan par..." Permalink
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