Hi there! I'm Trixie and I have been living at the animal shelter since October of 2015. I love people but dogs spook me, so I’m much happier in a home with children and other cats! Nothing like having fellow cat friends around! I would love to be loved. I am also obsessed with laser pointers, I mean OBSESSED…I’ve been really close to catching it! Oh and don’t get me started with my wet food. Wet food is life! Every night I wish to be adopted to a home with a warm fluffy bed, lots of love, affection and…oh and a laser pointer! Hope to meet my new owner soon. Meanwhile, check out what I read/watch while I am waiting to meet you!
11 items
The Cat From Outer Space
Streaming Video - 1978
Everything Big Cats
Book - 2011
On Cats
Book - 2015
The Mythology of Cats
Feline Legend and Lore Through the Ages
Book - 1998
Madeline and the Cats of Rome
Book - 2008
Fishing on the Edge
Book - 2005
Albert Einstein
Genius of the Twentieth Century
Book - 2005
Jiro dreams of sushi
DVD - 2012
Old Yeller
Book - 1956
The Great American Cereal Book
How Breakfast Got Its Crunch
Book - 2011
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