I don’t have a lot of words for this work of fiction that dives deeply into touchy subjects about race, gender, identity, as well as a few other lesser topics.

As it is, there is so much going on in this book. Not in an overwhelming way, but in a “how will it all connect?” way. And it does connect. Yet, the author is spare in her impeccable writing and careful not to create a spectacle of the connections. She calmly and subtly unites these characters, tentatively tethered to one another.

While I found it hard to put down while drawn into the lives of these familial connected strangers, I was also left with some questions that weren't answered. Most likely, the intent of the author and have naught to do with the larger scope of the story. Simply, little details that my forever swirling mind focuses on.

The ending was congruent with the gentle pace of the preceding chapters and complimented the author’s precise, yet sensitive story telling. Honestly, this was the story I’ve been wanting to read among the wave of agenda-laced fiction from #ownvoice authors. Those questions I mentioned above? There are no simple answers.

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