Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault
Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault Essays From the Grown-up Years By Guisewite, Cathy Book - 2019

The Cathy comic strip was always a favorite of mine. I even once had a Cathy shirt that encapsulated my life as a twenty something just out of college. Thus I was quite certain I would enjoy these essays by Cathy Guisewite and I really did. My favorite thing about the book was the scribbles throughout as they are such a great reminder of her strip. I was also impressed with her ability to honor her parents and her relationship with her daughter while at the same time making us laugh. She has a gift for elevating those she is making jokes about. Her essays are very relatable although at times a bit longwinded and I struggled to find any organized flow to the essays. A good book to read slowly, one essay at a time, rather than devour quickly.

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