You think a sari is going to change that? Ten hundred saris won't hide that. And you'll only succeed in tying a big knot around yourself.
-Hello. Would you... share what you're thinking, please? Hello!
Meditating. I was just meditating on the difference between you and Baba.
-He wears a dress. He lives the way he teaches.
And what, specifically, has he taught you?
-To do good. To be a good person.
And how is that manifesting itself? Are you out there doing good deeds? Paying taxes?
-You're a cynic.
Yes. Yes, I am a cynic... because I investigate crap. What about the crap
in you, Ruth? Did you take that to... the guru?
-You're a shit. You don't care about me. You don't even know me. And I didn't go to Baba to get my fxcked-upness fixed.
-Well, you'd be the first.
All right, so I hoped it would help me grow. I know I'm not perfect.

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