So let's get to the facts. What are you doing with your soul? What is Chidaatma Baba teaching you?
-What's the point of my telling you? You already have an opinion.
I want to know what you know. Something has touched you, hasn't it?
-To find out that, you'd have to look into my heart. Way beyond something you can read in a book and quote. It is. It is.It is.
That's... That's his teaching. That's what he said? His words? "It is"?
-His words. "He alone attains unto it who exclaims, 'It is! It is!' Thus may it be perceived and apprehended in its essence." The Upanishads.
I was young once, too, and handsome. You'd have been impressed.
- I wasn't born!
I don't think you could actually... entwine with another person... on account of your having to maybe give something back.
-You don't know that.
No, and I don't want to.

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