Sea of Greed
Sea of Greed A Novel From the NUMA Files By Cussler, Clive Book - 2018

By this point, Cussler is a bit formulaic. In this new(est) novel, it seems a little bit like the rent-an-author writing under Cussler's name has just "phoned it in", no real development of the non-repeat characters, light on the "Boys own" genre tech, etc.. To paraphrase The Blues Brothers, this novel has both types of adventure: swash and buckling. At one point they actually use the dialogue "We'll cover more ground if we split up"! No!! I'm pretty sure Fred and Velma disproved that approach to daredoing back in the 1970s! However, it's all good clean fun, enjoyable (if not quite the page-turner of yesteryear Cussler), what you'd expect from the franchise.

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