The Apprentice
The Apprentice Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy By Miller, Greg Book - 2018

More Dem anti-2016 dis-information.
--- Before election day, Trump said the system was rigged. Obama knew this was true, as Obama had helped rig it. Hillary had paid the Russians for lies about Trump (Steele Dossier), and Obama had had the FBI use fake Steele info for warrants to spy on Trump's campaign. Obama feared Trump would find out and cry foul after Hillary had won. Obama therefore denied the election could be rigged, and dismissed Trump's concerns as nonsense: Trump was merely trying to explain away his coming loss. Dems denounced Trump for reserving the right to legally challenge the election result if fraud was evident: it was a threat to our country.
--- When Trump won, Dems reversed themselves. Now they said Russians had swung the election by exposing Hillary's corruption against Bernie, and by posting some fairly typical social media items. It was a silly bill of charges; Dems withheld the DNC server from FBI examination. Yet Trump-hating spymaster John Brennan was soon making Trump a Russian agent whom Putin had put in the White House. Brennan had once voted Communist; his CIA had spewed lies throughout the Cold War, assassinated foreign leaders, subverted governments, probably killed JFK, and endorsed Saddam's non-existent WMD. Yet Dems denounced all who doubted Brennan's word. They then sought to corrupt and intimidate the Electoral College. They incited violent, destructive riots, physically attacked Trump supporters, Republican officials and candidates, disrupted their meetings, kept them from speaking on campus, and screamed at Senators in the Capitol. They did far worse than what they had accused Trump of planning to do.
--- Candidate Hillary lied and failed in countless ways. No one else was responsible for her loss. She was burdened with scandals from the 1990s when she smeared Bill's female victims. She took huge payoffs for trade approvals as Secr of State. She alienated Liberals as well as Conservatives. She wanted open borders, condoned the Ferguson rioters, attacked straight White males, supported abortion, upheld gays over Christians and transgender restrooms over jobs. But she also supported Bush's lawless 2003 invasion of Iraq, cheated Bernie, and curried Goldman Sachs elitists. She repeatedly collapsed in public. She lost her own group, White women, by ten points. The Russians did not make all this happen. Even if they had a hand in revealing her wrongdoing in the primaries, which I doubt, it was still her wrongdoing, and voters were entitled to know what she had done.
--- The people who say Russians altered the 2016 vote would have denied it vehemently if Hillary had won. They would ridicule anyone who raised the issue.

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