Monster High
Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD - 2012

In this movie, there are four points of view. Frankie Stein is celebrating Halloween for the first time, and doesn't understand why "normies" are so cruel to monsters on October 31st. Then she discovers the Hall of Halloween, a place in the catacombs which shows that once long ago normies created the holiday to celebrate the monsters, not torment them. Now Frankie is determined to "bring back their holiday" and get the respect monsters deserve. Abbey Bominable protected Heath Burns from a prank that the normies had set on school property, and Heath is being bull-ied (literally! See the movie to know what I mean) because of it. Now Heath needs to prove that he can take care of himself, but still keep his relationship with Abbey intact. Cleo de Nile's father forces her to break up with her boyfriend, Deuce Gorgon, because he thinks Deuce isn't good enough for her. In an effort to make herslf really popular, Cleo claims that she knows who's been pulling pranks on the normie's school and that she's the only way to communicate with him. Unfortunately for her, Cleo's fake claim is revealed and now Cleo has lost her boyfriend, her fame, and her pride. Finally, Draculaura is excited to have a double-date with Clawdeen Wolf, but Clawdeen was acting a little strange. When Clawdeen skips the evening completely, Draculaura realizes that Clawdeen had never been on a date before! Draculaura sets out to create the perfect romance for Clawdeen, but her actions are misunderstood. Now Draculaura needs to find Clawdeen's perfect match and save their friendship-if it's not too late. Halloween is fast approaching, and the guys and ghouls need to solve their problems and learn that it's okay to "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be A Monster!"

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