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Scandals, lies, secrets, double standards, double crossing - Whisper Network has it all!

PLOT SUMMARY: Sloane, Grace and Ardie are all successful lawyers in the male dominated world of corporations. Double standards are everywhere and sexual harassment is a very real worry for most if not all the women working at Truviv. Enter Ames: boss, co-worker, friend, enemy?? The terrain is difficult to navigate, but having each other’s backs makes it bearable...until the CEO dies, a fourth woman enters the group, and everything they thought they knew is in doubt.

Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? What sins have been committed? Who has something to hide? Who doesn’t?? When someone ends up dead, the truth will come out and it will be painful for everyone involved.

PROS: Wow...a sharp commentary on women in the workplace, the barriers they face, the hurdles they must jump, the comments they must bite back so as not to appear hysterical or emotional in this male dominated world. It’s intense and more than a little depressing/frustrating. Add a murder mystery and you have a seriously great book.

CONS: The writing style was a bit all over the place, but I grew to love it.

YES or NO: Definitely a YES for me - as a woman, this one is a must read. Whisper Network isn’t afraid to tackle anything: mother guilt, business/romantic relationships, friendships, sexual assault, ambition, bullying, workplace’s all here and more. It’s an important novel disguised as chick lit and I think many people would benefit from reading it.

5 Stars

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