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Gr33nbird May 16, 2019

This is the kind of book I'd want my kids to read.

IndyPL_ShainaS Feb 18, 2019

Nimona is such a fun romp through a beautiful mash-up of science fiction and fantasy tropes. The fast pacing and distinct art style, as well as the moral ambiguity of most of the characters, makes this a unique offering for teen audiences. Nimona, the title character, is such an enthusiastic, complicated, powerful young lady creature. And her relationship with Ballister Blackheart, this world's Dr. Horrible, is endearing and nuanced and oh so heart-breaking. I had a few minor quibbles with the ending (and most of the choices there were likely made because this is a novel meant for younger audiences). Overall, if you're looking for a humorous adventure that gets surprisingly deep, don't skip out on this tome. It is a fab introduction to Stevenson's work.

Jan 13, 2019

This was a great graphic novel, even better that it was standalone which is rare. The story was easy to follow and kept me on my feet. The characters were lovable and I wanted to see where they were going next. Overall, this graphic novel would be appropriate for children, teens and adults.

Jan 01, 2019

I'm normally not a graphic novel person - I prefer print books mostly - but I loved this book! It's a short read, an hour if you're a fast reader, no more than three if you're a slower reader and prefer to take everything in, but every minute is incredible. The characters are so fun, especially Nimona. Although if you just read the back, it seems like sort of a dumb plot, after about 10 pages, you get hooked! What I first thought was a book that I was going to hate and would be filled with dumb attempts at humor turned out to be an amazing book! The characters are all so compelling, and the fact that it's from the perspective of the villain is a refreshing change from the normal boundaries of literature. I actually cried at the end of it, which isn't something I do a lot! One thing I would like to note is that if Ballister Blackheart was actually considered a villain, he probably wouldn't be able to FaceTime all of the good guys. I mean, they would be able to track him down. The Institute didn't exactly seem serious about catching the man they called "the infamous Lord Blackheart". Other than that though, it was great!

Dec 29, 2018

I read this book when I was young and going through difficult times trying to find who I was amidst a lot of medical chaos. This book helped me realize that being different doesn't mean you can't still be amazing. With a cast of some unusual and underrepresented people, Nimona is an important read for any kid, or adult, going through a difficult period in their life.
Warning: I spent too much time trying to jump onto the fridge

Sep 28, 2018

Great short read. Fresh and funny!

It's an interesting and humorous take on the villain-sidekick-hero story type. It's fun and original, mixed in with enough exciting plot to keep my attention to the end. Although character's growth is a bit lacking, I finish this book a happy reader. The story is not afraid to get serious, and that's what makes the ending fulfilling for me.

Warning: personally I find the text a little too small. Over all 7/10, would reread if looking for something fun.

Aug 02, 2018

The cover and art style of this book is what originally caught my eye. It was a very quick read, only took around two hours. Not only is the art style beautifully simple and unique, but the characters are complex and loveable, and the story is interesting. The symbolism and darkness behind the story are not something to be expected from a seemingly adorable graphic novel, and they connect deeply with the reader. Since I finished reading Nimona, I've bought it for two close friends who I knew would enjoy it. This is a good book for anyone looking for a quick and interesting summer read. Rating: 5/5
- @Mae of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

VaughanPLAlison Jun 12, 2018

That was great! Compelling characters, real stakes, a great build up and it sticks the landing (meaning it ends well). Ballister Blackheart may be one of my new favorite fictional characters. Could not recommend enough!

Apr 28, 2018

Nimona is a wonderful pilot graphic novel for Noelle Stevenson. It's fresh and original, funny and entertaining. As soon as I finished, I just wanted to read it again! I only wish that the main character experienced more character development, but the ending was still satisfactory, even if it was unexected.

Feb 25, 2018

This popular book's ample teenage humor and colorful quickly sketched art might remind you of low-budget Saturday morning TV cartoons. The story and characters had enough depth to hold my interest but the stylishly quirky and colorful art sometimes made my eyes bleed.

Jan 11, 2018

A supervillian and a sidekick. Institution. Good vs. evil. But which is which?

An entertaining story that demonstrates the moral complexities of life, and of the labels we use in that arena of thought.

My wife requested it from the public library for some reason and thought I might like it. I most certainly did!

The lettering borders on tiny frequently, but it otherwise is readable and legible. The drawing style is not extremely nuanced or detailed but almost always tells the story extremely effectively. There are only a very few panels where I’m like, “Not sure what that was …,” unlike say the two manga by Toboso that I read right before it where it frequently happened (and other manga, and other graphic novels). So while I would’ve preferred the lettering just a bit bigger most of the time (old eyes with slight astigmatism and serious shortsightedness), I found the text and images worked extremely well together to tell the story with neither getting in the way or being all flashy and attracting attention to one or the other.

I found this a rather endearing and morally complicated story which I think is a great story for teens (and adults). There’s plenty of negativity and broodiness and Nimona is just a girl (or is she?) and such a bad-ass with a go-getter, in-your-face attitude. Circumstances made Lord Blackheart a supervillian but his heart really isn’t in it. Who is the villain or hero, and who is the sidekick? And does that imply that the sidekick is neither villain or hero?

There are nemeses, dragons, science and symbolism and many other exciting things in this endearing tale of friendships.

fineplan Dec 14, 2017

A sweet and funny graphic novel with engaging artwork. It lightly explores important themes, gently easing readers into considering larger issues.

GeeksInTheLibrary Oct 17, 2017

A delightful subversion of a lot of our favorite fantasy tales, Nimona is our hero (although she's really the bad guy, or the bad guy's apprentice!) Good for readers who want a non-traditional fantasy sure to leave them laughing.

BostonPL_LauraB Sep 24, 2017

This was really great! I enjoyed this much more than the few I've read in the Lumberjanes series so far. Very fun, yet the right amount of dark and emotional.

Library_Jill Aug 09, 2017

A fun, quick read with a lot of heart, featuring a villain who likes to play by the rules, his spunky sidekick who...well...doesn't, their "good-guy" arch-nemesis, and an organization of heroes that may be less heroic than it appears. I don't always enjoy stories in which I am supposed to root for the bad guys, but Blackheart was just so endearing, I couldn't help myself! Here's hoping there will be a sequel someday...

RobertELPL Aug 08, 2017

An endearing story that takes a bit of a closer look at what it means to be a hero and a villain. The story may follow the "villains," but you will surely be rooting for them more and more after each turn of the page.

Jul 12, 2017

I loved how Nimona could shape shift I thought that was so cool and how black heart was always looking out for her. I also really liked that part of the story when Nimona turned into a old lady and said that this apple is to hard that she lost her last tooth on it then the lady said that she was going to pay for that then Nimona thou the apple at the lady's head and said that she did not have to pay for the hard apple, that made me laugh. I an definitely voting for this book in the YRCA the hole book was just terrific.

Jul 12, 2017

"Nimona" is an immersive graphic novel. What I mean by that is it makes you feel like you are a part of the Nimona and Blackheart duo. In the beginning, I felt that Nimona acted too childish; she acted rashly and did not think about her actions' effects on other characters. However, it is revealed that there is more too Nimona than what she initially shows the Blackheart and the reader. Nimona's journey to adulthood (or somewhere close to it) was very interesting to read about as well as her interaction with Blackheart and other characters. I particularly enjoyed the style of graphics, the plot, and the characters.

Apr 16, 2017

Nimona is a fantasy graphic novel filled with adventure, humor, awesome characters and plot twists. Because the novel started out as a web comic, you can see Noelle Stevenson's art style change and improve as the novel goes on, which makes for a unintentional but fascinating touch. If you are a fan of the comic Lumberjanes or just fantasy and graphic novels in general, you'll probably enjoy Nimona.

Mar 25, 2017

This is a great graphic novel for all ages! The humor is quirky and delightful. I adore this book :)

ReadJillyRead Mar 15, 2017

Nimona is a dangerous shapeshifter who doesn't want to live by everyone else's rules. She is as funny as she is dangerous. I couldn't stop reading this book and when I was done, I was filled with disappointment that it had ended; I need more Nimona in my life.

Mar 01, 2017

Love this book so much I bought it. Funny and clever!

JCLCourtneyS Feb 23, 2017

Nimona is a fun, engaging story with a lot of heart and some unexpected bits. The art is great, too; I felt like the characters were all drawn just the way I would've pictured them.

JCLJoshN Feb 13, 2017

Once I started this, I couldn't stop until I got to the end, and I still wanted more. It plays with superhero tropes in fun and affecting ways, creating a world, a cast of characters, and a story that are cute, whimsical, amusing, intriguing, and heartbreaking. And Noelle Stevenson's art is fresh and endearing. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much I love it.

JCLHeatherB Feb 09, 2017

Spectacular from start to finish. Although it's classified as a YA Graphic Novel, adults will enjoy it, too. Great characters, great artwork, fantastic story. Interesting exploration of heroism and villainy.

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