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The Last Mrs. Parrish

The Last Mrs. Parrish

A Novel

Book - 2017
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Jun 05, 2021

Very twisted & clever. Up until the final chapters, I would have rated it far lower, but the final twist was so satisfying that it earned those extra stars. All I can say is be patient & get to the 2nd part.

Apr 13, 2021

I wouldn't call this a psychological thriller-more like a Harlequin romance.

Apr 07, 2021

This book was okay, very superficial chick lit and very predictable like a few of the reviews have said. I'm not sure why it's so highly rated. It's a quick beach read but there's not much depth in the characters, plot and very drawn out. I'm a bit surprised this was recommended on the Hello Sunshine book club as most of the books are usually really good

Mar 30, 2021

Absolutely fantastic read! Thoroughly enjoyed this book and goes to show that karma can really come back to bite you!

pacl_teens Nov 23, 2020

This thrilling book was a rollercoaster full of twists and turns. The book tells the story of Amber Patterson, who lives a lie in order to achieve her goal. What she wants? Status, power, and money. She soon finds out that appearances can be deceiving, and things are not always what they seem.

The complicated and backstabbing relationship between two smart women will have you hooked. If you enjoy reading exciting books full of plot twists and betrayal, this is the one for you. Through the devilish schemes, the jaw-dropping surprises, and the behind-the-scenes romances, you will never put this book down.

This is one of my favorite books, and I would recommend it to readers who enjoy captivating and eerily exciting novels. -Olivia, Grade 10

esmom1 Nov 18, 2020

This book I thought was a great, though somewhat predictable read, did go by fast and a lovely twist. The husband is a bit much to take near the end, but great vacay read.

Oct 05, 2020

Such a fun mystery. I did call it, but not the details of the savagery. What an imagination these authors have.

Sep 30, 2020

This is the best thriller I have in quite awhile!

Sep 17, 2020

Really enjoyed this book, especially the twists in the plot. The surprises were great!

Jun 08, 2020

No way is this book a thriller!! It is a lame attempt at most. The protagonist is a gold-digger who plans to take over a rich woman's husband and life. Poorly written and boring. None of the characters pulled you in. I am still scratching my head over the glowing reviews!! It's superficial chick lit and not even close to being suspenseful....a slight twist at the end but It just did not impress me at all. If you enjoy exceptional writing and actual thrillers, then do not waste your time with this drivel.

May 12, 2020

Although I thought this book was somewhat predictable, it was still a good fun read. I found Jackson's character unrealistic in many ways, and thought he was overdone. Perfect vacation read, grabs your attention and fast paced.

Apr 11, 2020

Was pleased with the way the book ended, definitely not what I expected. Very good read.

Apr 05, 2020

Loved it! I rooted for Daphne all the way!

Mar 23, 2020

CW: Spoilers

I cannot believe the hype around this book. The quality of the writing is sub-par, with stilted, unnatural dialogue and one-dimensional characters. But it's the content that really makes this book an unpleasant read.

In the first act of the book, we follow Amber, a nasty, petty manipulator. She lacks any characteristics of a good villain and we are subjected to her self-absorbed, materialistic inner monologue. She is not particularly clever and is about as subtle as a hand grenade. The reader must suspend belief as she manages to ingratiate herself with Daphne (the original Mrs. Parrish) and begins her seduction of Daphne's husband. Although described as handsome, cultured, and wealthy, it is hard for the reader to see the appeal of Mr. Parrish who is utterly devoid of personality. Amber is eventually successful in her seduction and the authors subject you to reading the painful blow-by-blow as the affair plays out, culminating in Amber's pregnancy. This part of the book is really just designed to make you hate Amber as much as possible, but instead you start to hate the book itself.
The second act, we follow Daphne, backtracking to when she first met her husband. We witness the extensive mental, emotional, and sexual abuse he has inflicted on her. This is the big reveal - the desirable Mr. Parrish is a sociopathic abuser. We see Amber's retribution coming from a mile away and are only left to wonder how he will get his. The book lays it on thick and we see Daphne endure humiliating abuse time and time again. This part of the book, again, is painful to get through.
The final (and shortest) act, we see Mr. Parrish divorce Daphne and marry the pregnant Amber. The reader is hoping for some searing poetic justice at this point, but it just doesn't deliver. We see Mr. Parrish begin humiliating Amber in the same way he did Daphne. Daphne is free of her abuser and leaves for California with her two daughters. Out of left field, the feds come and arrest Mr. Parrish for shady business dealings. We are left to assume that he and Amber will be left penniless and stuck with each other. Definitely not the pay-off the reader deserves after suffering through the rest of the book.

You shouldn't read this book period, but you especially shouldn't read this book if you are recovering from an eating disorder or are triggered by fatphobia. Mr. Parrish routinely body shames both women (several times in from of Daphne's daughters) and obsesses over their weight, diet, and exercise regimens. Sizes and weights are both mentioned multiple times in the book. Amber's hateful inner monologue is full of fatphobia.
You also shouldn't read this book if you are triggered by infidelity. It is drawn out in detail.
You also shouldn't read this book if you are triggered by abuse.

Feb 20, 2020

A wonderful revenge novel that I highly recommend.

Nov 04, 2019

Great new duo authors with a fantastic psychological thriller as their debut. The pages kept turning, turning as one reviewer stated. The characters were totally believable - both the good and bad ones. Totally recommend this dark and compelling story.

Jul 02, 2019

A page turner! I couldn't put it down! Believable characters and a story line that twisted and turned.

Jun 26, 2019

Really loved this book!! Great twists and turns, interesting characters!

Jun 17, 2019

I couldn't put it down! The best read I had in a long time. Just when you think there is nowhere else to go, along comes Part 2.

Mar 31, 2019

The first third of the book is about deception.
The second third of the book is about abuse.
The third section of the book is about revenge.
If these elements are the recipe for a good book for you, you will like this book. I thought it was too much. Over the top. Shallow characters who are created with the attempt to make a good book.

Mar 25, 2019

Too redundant. Couldn't finish this....

Mar 19, 2019

interesting book. alittle sexy in parts but good. Didn't think it was going to work but finished it and glad I did.

Mar 03, 2019

THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is a dark, twisty, escapist read - perfect for the beach, a plane trip, or a long weekend. It’s that addictive. Author Liv Constantine is actually the pen name for 2 sisters who pooled their talents and collaborated long-distance to write this guilty pleasure. MRS. PARRISH has one of the most satisfying endings ever written even though it won’t come as that much of a surprise to readers who keep track of the bread crumbs the authors have sprinkled throughout the plot.

Feb 12, 2019

Really good. The first half I was worried it was just another chick lit, but then it dropped a bomb. I know compare a lot of the "twisty" books to this.

Jan 08, 2019

I enjoyed the big plot twist in this book, although it took a long time to get to it. But over all, this isn't a bad story.

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